How do I know when my school's pick up hours are?

Library dates and times will be listed on the district library website. You can also find information about a school by going to their Destiny Discover Library page.

What if I have previous unpaid fines from my school library or Madison Public Library? Can I still pick up books? 

Yes, you can still pick up books regardless of any previous fines.

Can I choose which book I want or will the librarian choose for me? 

Elementary Students K-5 - When you arrive at an elementary school site you can share with the person that is working with you what your interests are. They will then select books that will hopefully meet your wishes.

Secondary Students (6 - 12) - Students will place a hold on a specific title before they come to the school pick up site. You will get a notice saying the book(s) has been set aside for you. The book or books will be pulled and waiting for you when you arrive.

Do I need a library card to pick up books from the Madison Public Library?

Yes at this time you do need an MPL library card to check out public library books. If you don’t have a library card right now you can apply for one on Madison Public Library's website.

What kinds of safety precautions will the library staff be taking? 

Only MMSD staff will be allowed into school buildings to limit contact. While in the buildings staff are expected to wear face masks, stay six feet away from others, and keep a log of people that interact with them for more than 15 minutes. Books will be in quarantine for at least 24 hours after they are returned to the library before they are redistributed.

Can I go to any school I want to get a book?

Elementary students may go to any elementary school that is listed on the district website to get books. Secondary students (grade 6 - 12) will need to go to their home school to get the book that they requested.

Students can return their library books to any school in the district or to the technology hubs (La Follette and Memorial high schools).

When do I need to return my books?

We hope that you enjoy the books and return them as soon as you can, however there is not a specific due date for library books at this time.